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When you think of working ‘on the tools’ you think of the usual trades turning up on site going about their jobs, not taking life too seriously and generally having a laugh. That couldn’t be further from the truth, Scruffs workwear have launched a 360° video to showcase the skill and expertise of construction workers in a campaign called ‘Masters at Work. Masters of Workwear’

In this first 360° video of two maintenance workers, named Owain and Danny, climbing the Severn Bridge, which connects England to Wales. The 1 mile long bridge, at its peak, reaches a height of 445 feet, which takes 320 vertical steps to reach. To you an idea of the height and seriousness of work the maintenance men do, 360° cameras were placed on both their helmets and on a helicopter flying beside them.

The key to the construction industry is context, and 360 video has become an extremely popular way of demonstrating this, especially over the past few months. As Scruffs, construction companies, and brands similar to themselves are discovering, 360 video is an entertaining and efficient way to capture the context of a job and introduce a new level of quality control in the field.

Click and drag your mouse or tilt and rotate your phone to move the camera angle and uncover different parts of the video below.

Take a look at how it was made below.