Apparently, Theresa May has postponed the new tax hike for the self employed back to the Autumn months!

This is after mass public backlash that rose in the 24 hours after the changes were announced. The anger was centred around the Tories breaking promises that they made within their election manifesto. These promises stated that there would not be any rises in the taxes of National Insurance Contributions for the next five years .

Initially, these changes were branded “fair” by the government. This soon changed though as the public began to respond to the news. Apparently, these plans have now been “paused” in response to this. This is to allow the Government to get “plans right – and explain them to the public.”

Despite this though, according to the Daily Mirror, “many parliament watchers suggest the change will be quietly dropped if the public outcry continues.”

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Theresa May stated though: “this is a change that leaves lower paid self employed workers better off, it’s accompanied by more rights and protections for the self employed workers and it reforms the system of National Insurance to make it simpler, to make it fairer and to make it more progressive.”

So what do you think of this? Could you be affected? Let us know in the comments below.


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