According to the Building Safety Group, of the 24,634 health and safety breaches that were found on site, 19% of those were regarding working at heights.

Alongside this, the failure of height safety was also the most common breach identified on site during 2016. Despite this though, there has been a reduction in fatalities. However, working from heights is still regarded as the biggest cause of fatalities on construction sites.

Specifically, within the past five years, falling from heights has killed ninety-seven people. This adds up to 45% of all fatal incidents on site! Not only that, but falling from a height is also the biggest cause of non-fatal, accidental injuries. Specifically, it accounts for 33% of all non-fatal injuries on site.

Alongside this, the main causes of these falls have also been identified as well. Apparently, fragile scaffolding, ladders and roof lights are the main causes. According to the Building Safety Group’s technical manager though, most of these accidents can be avoided.

He described: “working at height is clearly the most dangerous activity carried out in the construction sector.”

“Everyone can do more to ensure that work is properly planned, supervised and conducted by qualified workers who have the required skills for the task in hand.”

“To significantly reduce the dangers of working at height, construction companies should always try to complete as much work as possible from the ground, ensure safe access and egress and importantly, make certain that any equipment used is suitable, stable and strong enough for the job.”

To prevent injuries on site though, a new ‘Iron Man’ robotic vest has been developed to aid construction workers. Not just in their safety either, the suit is also designed to assist construction workers when lifting heavy objects to try and prevent injury. Take a look at the suit here.

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