Recently, a Facebook user has warned of the dodgy dealings going on at her local market after she was confronted by an “overly angry” group of sellers regarding the tools that they were selling.

Before being told to stop, Sarah Marshall was able to capture several images of the tools on sale at Smithfield Auction in Manchester. She posted these, stating: “for anybody who has had their van/ shed, garage broken into I highly recommend going down to Smithfield market in manchester on a Sunday and having a good nosy.”

Initially, Sarah captured the images to show friends of hers in the trade. Some of them had recently had their tools stolen and she saw this as an opportunity for them to replace them cheaply. However, some of the sellers began to shout at her, confronting her whilst with her young daughter. Sarah described: “I had a toddler in a pram and wasn’t causing any trouble.”

This caused her to soon begin to speculate regarding the legitimacy of this sale. She noted that some of the tools even had names on them still, with some appearing like they had been attempted to be removed.

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She concluded her post with, “I’m not the police, nor trading standards.”

But, “if this post helps one single person get their tools back if they have been stolen then I would be happy, if it helped raise awareness and enough trade people went down to have a look and caused enough anxiety if they are dodgy traders so they stopped selling stolen goods even better, no sale = no demand!”

In the twenty-four hours that the post has been live, Sarah’s has received thousands of comments. One user agreed that the tools could be stolen. He stated: “no plasterer sells his trowel, second hand or otherwise.”

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“Used ones are out the back of a van, the tools are a real mix a cheap stuff and proper site tools, but the two floats give it away for me.”

Another user described: “a bit too many professional tools there for someone to just do a boot fair with. Obviously acquired by suggested means.”

Take a look at Sarah’s original post here:

So what do you think of this? Could some of these tools be yours? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image Credit: Facebook, Sarah Marshall

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