With many different types of workplace injuries facing tradesmen every day, it can be tough to keep your body in tip top shape without any aches and pains.

And Jarrod Smith knows this all to well. He himself, has worked in the industry. He describes: “I have been there in the trenches, in the roofs plunging sewers at 10pm at night because someone ate too many spicy burritos or was trying to dispose of a condom.”

And after this, he would then wake up in the middle of the night. He would have pains in his shoulders and pins and needles in his arms. Despite this pain though, Jarrod described that he “would simply shrug it off and say everything was okay.”

But it wasn’t. Instead, he described that his “body was F*CKED.”

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Eventually, Jarrod realised though that things weren’t right. One day whilst working, he was unable to hold a hot water service up against the wall for longer than a minute. It was at this point, he realised that something needed to change.

He sat with his GP who went through his options. Jarrod described: “he suggested the usual ‘pain killers’ and surgery.”

“I even went as far as getting full body scans, ultra sounds, X-rays, and the list goes on.”

“I was in and out of physiotherapy like you wouldn’t believe. I was getting no where. The pain was still there. And I was scared.”

“After saying no to surgery, and saying that I wouldn’t go to another physio,
I focused on stretching. Seemed simple enough.”

This was painful for Jarrod to begin with as he described himself as “stiff as a steel door.”

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However, after a month or two, he was able to sleep with less pain. Eventually, the tingles down his left arm were also gone and his stress levels were decreasing.

Therefore, from his own success, Jarrod decided to put together some stretches to help tradesmen with similar issues to his own. He stated: “I understand how important it is to be able to work until the later years of your life.”

“No work, no cash. (NO CASH = FUCKED. In simple terms).”

“So with full sincerity I urge you to follow these stretches. So you can get out of bed easy. So you can lift your arms above your head with no strain. So your lower back doesn’t constantly have that stabbing pain. And so you can play and keep up with your kids.”

“We need all tradesmen in this world, it is so important that you all stay flexible healthy and fit.”

Take a look at these stretches here.

So, what do you think of this? Could this help you or somebody else you know? Let us know in the comments below.

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