In the spirit of Halloween, we felt it was quite fitting to take a look at some of the worst horror stories in the trade. So, we decided to team up with Scruffs Workwear to take a look at the weird, spooky and downright gruesome stories the trade has to offer.

First off, we have a story about some unsuspecting road workers who were completing work on a road in Dorset. Instead of a simple job, they found something that they really weren’t expecting. The burial site of over fifty executed Vikings!

When the grave was uncovered, the skulls of the bodies were found to be dismembered and placed into one side of the grave. The rest of the bodies then appeared to be tossed to the other side.

Image Credit: iAuditor Blog

Investigations conducted by archaeologists found that there were fifty-one skulls buried in the mass grave. They were able to determine that the bones would have belonged to Vikings who were likely to have been executed between 910 and 1030 AD. No clothes were found in the pit though suggesting that they had been buried naked. And, to make things worse, some of the skeletons displayed hack marks that were likely to have been due to blows from swords and axes.

From mass graves and human burial pits, our next trade horror story is based around an architectural mishap! In Washington DC, architects were commissioned to bring more natural light into the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. To do this, the architects designed a series of skylights and a magnificent glass staircase.

However, things didn’t quite go to plan for this project. Despite the plans being approved and the structure admired after it’s completion, things soon started to turn sour for the museum and the architects involved.

It was found that children attending middle school and high school in the area became regular visitors to the museum. And this wasn’t to admire the art! Instead, the young boys had actually been standing under the glass staircase and using it as an opportunity to stare up the skirts of women climbing the stairs above them. Cheeky!

Image Credit: Canadian Contractor

And, if mass burials and peeping toms weren’t enough, our final horror story tells of some unsuspecting construction workers who probably wanted to run home to mummy after making this discovery!

During a road project in China, workers were hired to widen an existing road. However, what they soon found threw a few issues in the works!

When digging up the road, they came across a large box. And, when they opened this up, they found a perfectly preserved body! Upon investigation, it was found that the body was actually seven hundred years old. With the remains preserved perfectly, the woman was even wearing shoes and a ring.

Scruffs added: “Wow, these are some pretty grim stories to be reading on Halloween!”

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