Apparently, a £1.3 billion plan to transform UK prisons will produce thousands of jobs for British workers.

Four new prisons are proposed to be built in the UK housing around 5,000 inmates. These won’t be just typical prisons though. Within them, there will be “fit for purpose” educational facilities and workshops. These new prisons are in a bid to cut reoffending and instead encourage self improvement and hard work.

For tradespeople, the construction of these new and updated prisons will result in around 2,000 jobs. And in turn, millions of pounds will apparently be made for the British economy.

As part of the initiative to build 10,000 prison places by 2020, sites in Yorkshire, Wigan, Kent and South Wales have been confirmed.

The Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Elizabeth Truss, stated that, “we cannot hope to reduce reoffending until we build prisons that are places of reform where hard work and self improvement flourish.”

She continued stating that not only will these prisons help reform inmates, but also, “provide a thriving, economic lifeline for the local community – creating hundreds of jobs for local people and maximising opportunities for businesses.”

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