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Just three days to go until the New Year! Throughout 2017, there has been a variety of highs and lows. The good and the bad, however, one thing is for sure, there have been some hilarious videos seen on the page!

So, with Christmas behind us and the new year fast approaching, we decided to put together some of the top videos that have featured on the page!

10. Gaining 6,196,403 views, this van prank was hilarious!

9. With 6,329,580 views, this idiot fails compilation was a sure winner with the On The Tools audience.

8. We all love the apprentice! And, you lot sure did with this compilation of clips mounting 6,360,520 views.

7. Just wait for it! This video created some right laughs and mounted a whopping 6,865,469 views.

6. Another compilation! This time full of hilarious pranks. Gaining 7,175,326 views, everyone loves a good prank.

5. At 7,790,876, this rough casting video was a firm favourite.

4. Just missing out on the top three is a skills compilation. A deserving video at number four, this compilation got 11,155,072 views.

3.Unsurprisingly, we’ve got another great compilation in the top ten! You lot were loving it with 12,558,191 views.

2.Who would want to work harder when you could work smarter? Well, apparently 13,334,343 wouldn’t.

1. And at number one, with 33,170,872 video views, is, of course, The Grand National!

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So what do you think of this? What has been your favourite video? Let us know in the comment below.

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