Business is going well. You’ve been winning quotes and smashing out invoices. Yes you’re a little tight on the staff, but you get by. Then one of your best workers resigns out of the blue. You were just keeping afloat, now you’ve got no hope.

But what could you have done differently?

Well, according to Tradify and their trade business panel, one of the top reasons employees move on is because they weren’t incentivised. (If this is you or you’re looking to hire, check out these free hiring tradie resources.) Therefore, they decided to put together 10 ways to help incentivise your team and keep them motivated, driven, and invested in your business for the long run (see Tradify’s ultimate guide for hiring tradespeople for a full list).

1. The freest incentive ever.
This makes the list because it’s so rarely given. Regular thank yous and recognition for jobs well done make employees feel valued in your business, which millennials especially appreciate.

2. Little or no overtime.
This is perhaps one of the greatest incentives for people joining your company. You’ll miss out on some business, but what’s that compared to having one of your best tradespeople resign? If your clients have after hours work, simply refer them to another business you trust.

3. Think lunches. Not beers.
Having Friday beers may be appealing for some, but others may have families to get back to. So mix it up a bit with a decent lunch once in a while.

4. And the Oscar goes to…
Awards create healthy competition within your business. They’re also a good way to promote excellence, and recognise funny moments from that month. Set certain categories, such as:
– The best piece of customer feedback
– The employee with the highest margin for the month
– The foot-in-mouth/funniest moment

5. Spot prizes
When someone goes over and above what’s expected of them, make sure you recognise them. Some use financial incentives, while others use personal gifts.

6. Random days off.
As the name suggests, if you know one of your employees is constantly delivering and working really well, give them a paid day off. Just make sure it won’t affect project deadlines.

7. Fun days.
Use fun days in one of two ways: to reward the team for doing well or to pull the team together if tension is building and people are getting a bit strained. Ideas include:
– 19 holes of golf
– An all-in afternoon of paintball
– A home-brewing masterclass

8. An overseas trip every year.
Andy from Dr. Drip gives his plumbing staff a free overseas trip every year. After taking their free holiday they have a pretty good reason for staying another year: a holiday to some amazing new destination somewhere in the world.

9. A tidy office.
Are you looking after your admin staff as well? Provide a clean, nicely fitted-out working environment and they’ll want to stick with you for longer. Others will also stand to benefit, such as sales staff, business managers, and even you when you’re not on the tools. Click here for more incentive ideas for admins.

10. Revenue sharing.
Want your staff to work hard and also be invested in the company? Let them have a bit of ‘skin’ in the game, where if they complete a job under budget or receive excellent customer feedback, they get a slice of the profits. It’s likely you’ll need job management software to achieve this though.

So, if you want to keep your workers in your business and be able to attract top quality tradespeople, consider incentives like these. You don’t have to do them all, or focus on ones that cost an arm or a leg. But when you’re thinking about or are ready to bring on someone new to your team, check out Tradify’s ultimate guide for hiring and keeping world-class tradespeople.

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So make sure you check them out!

So what do you think of these incentivising tips? How do you keep your workers invested? Let us know in the comments below.

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