Working in winter can be a nightmare, especially for those in the trade. From frozen ground to unbearable working temperatures, it can be tough to get the job done.

While the weather may not be too unbearable yet, that doesn’t mean it’s not coming. Not at all. So, we decided to take a look at the top things plumbers will face when working in winter.

Frozen pipes.

The bane of every plumber’s life in winter. And, one of their most common problems to go and fix. With temperatures fluctuating all over the place here in the UK, it’s not surprising that our pipes take a bashing. So, plumbers, make sure you’re ready for this one. Chances are you’ll be facing a lot of these this winter!

Broken water lines.

It’s not just the frozen pipes that plumbers will be going out to fix either. Oh no, instead, frozen water can be just as much of an issue for homeowners. In fact, frozen water standing in pipes can result in a blockage. And, if this wasn’t bad enough, this blockage can then result in pressure to build up in the pipes too. And we all know what’s coming next. Boom! It’s going to burst!

Broken/Limited Heating.

We had a glorious summer this year and consequently, boilers were left mainly inactive. However, the bitter coldness of the winter we are facing is quite the opposite. Instead, the nice break our boilers were having is now promptly over and instead, they are facing extra work. Consequently, chances are, plumbers will be heading to a lot of homes without heat in order to fix their boilers. Nightmare!

Broken down water heater.

Similarly, the water heaters in our homes also have to work a lot harder in winter. Especially when the temperatures end up below zero. So, when the water heater is working at maximum capacity in winter, after a nice chilled summer, homeowners can end up in a bit of hot water. Well, actually, the complete opposite. And, what could be worse than jumping in the shower in the morning to be met with ice cold water. No thank you!

Plumbing that isn’t winter-proofed.

Along with all of these nightmares, plumbers will also probably be called out to fix a lot of problems to do with non-winterised plumbing. And this can also cause major problems later on in the year too!

Non-winterised pipes can end up with water freezing inside of them. And, as if these blockages won’t be bad enough, just wait until they thaw out! Yep, these winter problems will have plumbers called out well into the year with shorted wiring, sagging ceilings and water damage to all sorts of belongings and furniture in homes.

But what do you think? Have we missed any out? What’s the most common job you fix in winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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