Every tradesperson needs their toolkit. But it doesn’t have to just include circular saws, hammers and tape measures. In fact, there are many virtual apps available on your smartphone that can make your day easier and more productive.

Therefore, worktop specialist Maxtop, the producers of Europe’s leading modular quartz product, has put together a handy list of examples to get you started!

1. Checklists

It goes without saying that any day can be crammed with a number of different activities and tasks. Something as simple as a to do list can really help keep everything organised and also ensure that no job goes unchecked (literally!). There are so many advantages to having this on your phone, such as being able to access and update it wherever you go and receiving notifications when you’re due to complete something.

Why not give these a try:
– Wunderlist
– Google Keep
– Errands To-Do List

2. Maps

Let’s be honest, the last thing you want to do is get lost on your way to a job. Well, fortunately, you don’t need a SatNav to get a little bit of direction now. Instead, there are many free apps that will help point you in the right direction.

One of the best is Google Maps. This allows you to input your destination and then provides you with directions based on your current location. Many apps will even speak to you, just like a SatNav, and don’t require you to keep your phone or tablet unlocked while you drive.

These three could be good apps to try:
– Google Maps
– Apple Maps
– CoPilot GPS

3. Note-taking

Remembering the dimensions of all those rooms, worktops and appliances is not something you want to be leaving on pieces of paper. Aside from the fact that it’s easily lost, it can also mean you end up holding onto unnecessarily large folders of things that you don’t even need any more!

However, there is a solution to this. In fact, there are some fantastic, yet simple, apps that allow you to create notes on-the-go.

Why not give these a go:
– Evernote
– Microsoft OneNote
– Post-it Plus

4. Measurement/Spirit Level

Left some of your tools in the garage? Not to worry! Most smartphones can also actually double up as hands-on tools, and one of the most useful is the spirit level. Your phone automatically tracks the angle at which you’re viewing it, and this technology (called the accelerometer) can be used by spirit-level apps. However be sure to check that they are calibrated correctly first – it’s definitely worth checking the accuracy of it against an actual spirit level so that it’s ready just in case.

These would be some good apps to try:
– Spirit Level Made Simple
– Surface Level
– Pocket Bubble Level

5. Social Networking

A really great way to build relationships with customers is to connect with them on social media. They’re free to join and can be a great way for you to market your services. Just be sure to set up your profile as professionally as possible. And, if it’s a public social network such as Twitter, be careful not to also post anything too controversial which could upset others.

For example, Maxtop makes sure that visitors to their channel know what they have to offer, ‘pre-finished worktops with undeniable strength and surprising lightness’.

Why not also try these:
– Twitter
– Facebook
– LinkedIn

So what do you think of these? Have you used any of these apps before? Or do you use others that haven’t been mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

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