In preparation for the tax deadline at the end of January, HMRC has recently released some of the weirdest tax return excuses they have ever heard. From aliens to birthday drinks, the list is quite a strange one!

But that’s not all, some of the things claimed for were just as weird! So, with the tax return deadline fast approaching (31st January), we thought we’d give you all a laugh with some of these bizarre excuses.

When it came to the excuses, some people tried to claim that their tax return was late due to simple, but rather odd reasons. This included spilling coffee all over their tax return and claiming that their business “doesn’t really do anything.” Whilst a bit strange, it was most bizarre that people thought they could actually get away with these as valid excuses! But, some individuals took it that one step further with downright weird excuses.

One individual, in fact, claimed that their ex-wife left their tax return upstairs. And, due to their vertigo, they were unable to go up the stairs to get it…

And, that isn’t even the best one! Instead, another individual claimed that they were far too busy to file their tax return. Busy touring the country for his one-man play that is!

But, what has to be the best excuse for late tax returns though, has to be aliens. One worker claimed that he couldn’t file his tax return due to the fact that his wife was seeing aliens at the time. And, therefore, wouldn’t let him enter the house!

But that’s not all, the list of failed expenses claims for late returns are just as funny! From needing a three-piece suit for their partner to sit on whilst they were doing their tax return, to needing hotel room service with candles and prosecco, there were some pretty bizarre expenses.

Within the top five, some workers claimed that expenses were needed for birthday drinks in Glasgow and to pay vet bills for a rabbit. But, at the top of the bizarre list has to be the fact that someone tried to claim that they ate the same meal every day for 250 days. Specifically, the individual claimed that he had sausage and chips (costing £4.50 each day), every day for 250 days. Right!

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But what do you think of this? Have you ever used any wacky excuses? Or know someone who would love some of these? Let us know in the comments below.


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