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We’ve had some great videos feature on the page with lots of laughs, reactions and shares. Want to relive your favourites? Well, here are our top ten best videos!

10. This video gained over 10,000 likes and reactions alongside 1.8k worth of comments. It was shared 2.4k times too and 2,933,195 people viewed the video!


9. This video is one of many popular hard hat challenge videos which have featured on our page. It gained 2,933,233 views and over 12k likes and reactions. You lot must have loved it as over 6.3k people commented and over 20k people shared the video to friends. This is, “Hard Hat Challenge: Part 2”.


8. With 3,676,564 views, the “Human Tarantula” was a popular one and was shared over thirty seven thousand times. The video also got over 45k worth of likes and reactions and 8.6k comments.


7. This video gained 3,841,838 views and was liked and reacted to by over 28k people. Of these viewers, over ten thousand commented and another 47k worth of people shared the video.


6. A very recent but very successful video that featured on the On The Tools page. It gained 3,964,490 views and over forty three thousand likes and reactions. It also got fifteen thousand comments and was shared over twenty six thousand times.


5. With 4,986,996 views, 31k likes and reactions, 5.7k comments and 23k shares, this video went down a treat with many of you viewers. This is “how to avoid getting a parking ticket!”


4. In this video the apprentice thinks he’s getting a stripper for his birthday. But what happens instead is pretty brutal. You lot seemed to enjoy it though as it gained 5, 222, 113 views! The video also got 44k worth of likes, over 20,000 comments and 52k shares.


3. Now this video is a page favourite! It gained over ten million views and over 56,000 comments and reactions. Not only this but over 14,000 people commented on the video too alongside over 47,000 shares. “Just dig this stump up kid!”


2. With 12,606,283 views this video is an admirable runner up. It gained over forty four thousand likes and reactions, over twenty thousand comments and 128,000 shares. This is “why women live longer than men!”


1. And finally, the video that went viral. The one that everyone loves. Gaining a whopping 25,535,317 views this is definitely our best video yet! Over 92,000 people liked and reacted to it, over 56,000 people commented on it and over 294,000 people shared it. Can you guess what it is? It’s the “Hard Hat Challenge!”

So there you have it, our top ten On The Tools videos. Was your favourite in there? Or do you think we’ve overlooked one? Let us know in the comments below.