Here at On The Tools, we post a lot about bodge jobs and fails. However, one thing we don’t tend to do is showcase some of the best work we’ve seen. So, in order to do this, we teamed up with the new app/website on the block – Tradectory!

Initially established by a former tradesman, Tradectory showcases work by hundreds of construction workers allowing customers to be able to see their skill set in practice. Full of talent, their site exhibits some of the best work we’ve seen. So, we decided to put together a top three of our favourite pieces displayed on the site.

3. This piece of work was a big job and the end result was fantastic. Converting four unusable stables into an entertaining space was the challenge for construction company Maxfields. And they certainly delivered. Originally, these stables were unused and were just sitting empty next to the customer’s home. Therefore, the homeowner hired Maxfields to convert these stables into a large entertaining/party space that they could have separate to the house. And we love the end result!

Tradectory’s Leon Maidment described: “This is a great transformation project for something that was already close to the house and not being used.”

“A lot of people are unable to extend their property because of a lack of space, building something like this could be a solution to build something within their garden if the room permits.”

2. Next up, we have some fantastic landscaping work to see. The brief here was for Icon Landscaping to create a usable space for entertaining. And they certainly did that! Ideally, the customers wanted the space to be low maintenance whilst still being enjoyable for all the family. And the end result is simply amazing!

Leon added: “A lot of people want to have a nice back garden but don’t have the time to manage and maintain one.”

“I think this job shows perfectly a low maintenance garden area that is perfect for entertaining.”

1. And finally, we have number one. This project is all about skill and is an exceptional piece of work. Completed by Unequaled Heating, this system boiler with unvented cylinder setup is certainly something to admire. Feeding radiators, a small area of underfloor heating and four bathrooms, this is certainly a job well done.

Leon agreed adding that, “you instantly look at this plumbing work and think this is a good job, the copper work is like art.”

And these are just a few examples of the hundreds of tradesmen showcasing their work on Tradectory. Free to use, it’s simple for tradesmen to set up a profile and use the service as a portfolio for their work.

Leon added: “In recent times, there has been a noticeable shift towards visual social media content online.”

“The emergence and power of visual platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest have highlighted the need for businesses to think visually if they want to engage with their audience online.”

“This is where Tradectory comes in!”

“Free to join & use via our smartphone app or website, there are no hidden costs.”

“Instead, tradespeople can make their own profile and use Tradectory as their portfolio of work to show potential customers.”

“And, it saves them from having to update their own websites and the costs attached.”

“Customers are constantly searching visually online, whether it’s to buy clothes, book a holiday or even find a new home, so why not tradespeople too.”

“With Tradectory, customers can search for a job or type of tradesperson they need and instantly see the quality of their work first hand.”

“This will also help customers understand, you get what you pay for, and that not going with the cheapest quote is always best.”

So what do you think of these projects? Have you got any yourself? Well, head over to Tradectory now to get started on your very own portfolio.

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