Happy New Year! So, who had a good night out? Did you stay in with a pizza and watch the fireworks? Or go ‘out-out’ and party a little too hard? Well, chances are, more than a few of you woke up with sore heads this morning.

Therefore, we decided to put together some of the top ways to help your hangover!

1. Drink lots of water. An obvious one, but one that everyone knows is effective. Most of the symptoms of a hangover are in fact due to dehydration. This is because when drinking alcohol, the body sends all ingested water straight to the bladder, instead of absorbing it into the body. Consequently, this leads to dehydration which is why you’ve woken up with a thumping headache and dry mouth this morning. So, grab a glass and chug it down, it might help more than you think!

2. Drink some coconut water! An unusual one, but a cure that has been found to be most effective in curing hangovers. It contains antioxidants to deal with all the toxins and the electrolytes and minerals your body needs.

3. Have a greasy breakfast. An option that is chosen by many! And, results in you breaking your New Year resolution to eat healthier on the very first day. But, let’s be honest, it was never going to last anyway.

So, tuck into some bacon and eggs to help get rid of those hangover symptoms. The fat will help give you some energy, and the eggs will pump you full of amino acids to get rid of the toxins. Sorted!

4. If you can’t handle a full English though, and the nausea is too much, then it might be beneficial to test your stomach with some plain crackers instead. This will help raise your blood sugar and give you the energy to work past your hangover.

5. Or, you could attempt the BRAT diet. Easier on the stomach than a greasy fry up, this diet consists of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. A random combination, but one that will help you shake off your hangover. Bananas are packed full of potassium and other minerals, all of which you will have lost after a night of drinking. Alongside this, there are also other ingredients too which will help raise your blood sugars and settle your stomach.

6. The hair of the dog. Now, some people will swear by it and claim that it’s the only thing that works. However, others warn that in reality, all your doing is delaying the inevitable. One top tip for the future though is that apparently, scotch is the best alcohol to drink in order to avoid a hangover! So, it may be time to switch your drink of choice in order to avoid a hangover next time.

7. Do some exercise. It can be safely said that pretty much no one wants to do that after a messy night out. However, the increase in endorphins could actually help aid a hangover by making you feel happier. Or you know you could just lie in bed watching funny videos. That could make you happy too…

8. Sleep. One of the best options and one that many people love. Hangovers only typically last 24 hours. So go with it, have a lazy day. You deserve it after a night full of dancing!

9. Have a long hot shower. This not only freshens you up physically but also allows you to sweat out the toxins in your body. This then stimulates endorphins too which helps speed up your metabolism meaning you’ll be able to shake that hangover in no time!

10. Don’t drink at all. But let’s be honest, no one’s going to do that, are they.

So what do you think of this? Did you wake up with a hangover this morning? Well, let us know your favourite hangover cures in the comments below!

Source: www.healthambition.com

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