Construction workers are at the greatest risk of developing skin cancer than any other profession! In fact, one worker dies from skin cancer every two weeks.* So, that begs the question, are you protected?

The research, conducted by Imperial College London, found that you don’t need to be working in the Bahamas to get skin cancer. But we knew that already didn’t we, Hi-Vis jackets are brighter than White Coats once again!

In fact, the research concluded that every year in Britain, there are 241 cases of melanoma skin cancer caused by UV rays when working outside. And, unfortunately, on average, this results in 48 deaths every single year. The majority of deaths, belonging to those who work in construction (44%).

And, it’s not surprising that a large proportion of these are construction workers. The long hours, grafting away on site. It can be hard to stay protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

But how can you stay safe? Well, we asked C & A Building Plastics for their advice on the matter.

They recommended their new ‘Blue Collar Care‘ range for the job. It’s specifically for those who work in harsher environments in comparison to ‘white collar workers’. So, perfect for you lot grafting away all day!

Part of this range is their Derma Defender. Designed to help you lot stay safe when on the job, it helps protect you against the harmful UV rays you could be exposed to on site. Waterproof too, you can work up a sweat and it’ll keep you covered.

But that’s not all, alongside this they have also developed a UV indicator wrist band as well. This wristband changes colour when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. And, as the UV rays become stronger on site, the colour of the wristband becomes darker too, letting you know that you’re exposed. So, you can make sure you’re protected!

C & A Building Plastics added: “Employers have a legal obligation with regards to the duty of care to protect their employees against hazards in the workplace.”

“According to HSE guidelines, UV radiation should be considered an occupational hazard for people who work outdoors, and so Derma Defender helps to fulfil the role in protecting from the UV radiation.”

“Remind your employer of this, and make sure you are provided with this vital piece of PPE for your skin.”

If you’re interested in some of this, either for yourself or one of your workers, and want some more information, email

So what do you think of this? Is skin cancer becoming a real issue on site? Do you need more protection for your skin? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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