Here at On The Tools, we feature a lot of videos. Some of which, we turn into viral compilations such as the ‘Hard Hat Challenge’ or ‘Why Women Live Longer Than Men.’ Others however, feature on the page as they come. They’re usually a hit and everyone seems to love them. So here, are the top ten user generated videos for you to enjoy!

10) The apprentice catching sparks.


9) When the painter falls off his steps!


8) You can never leave the apprentice alone.


7) The apprentice blowing on the bricks to keep them cool!


6) This plumber is having a right mare!


5) Classic apprentice pranks!


4) The tunnel of doom!


3) The best reason to have a bald friend.


2) That Friday feeling!


1) Creativity at its finest!

So what do you think? Can you do better? Send in your videos to the page now to feature!

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