64% of tradespeople believe they are more tech smart than office workers.

That is nearly two thirds of tradespeople! This is according to a survey conducted by Ironmongery Direct which was designed to establish the benefits of mobile working and how technology impacts workers productivity.

From the tradespeople surveyed, 85% believed technology had improved their working lives. Checking out the On The Tools page on your lunch break for a bit of banter, of course it would improve your working life! However, only 67% of office employees stated that they felt the same.

A small number of tradespeople though stated that they use mobile methods instead of paper ones (17%), in their work. However, a quarter of respondents revealed that they would like their businesses to use them even more.

In contrast, office workers revealed that they use mobile phones and laptops most to improve their productivity at work. Despite this, 48% stated that they would prefer it if their business invested in tablets to further improve productivity.

The managing director of Ironmongery Direct indicated that the construction sector is ahead of most industries in using digital technologies. He stated: “this is because the nature of the job requires them to work out in the field.”

“Employees are now becoming increasingly tech savvy and are keen for their employers to invest in more advanced devices and solutions.”

“Moving towards a more digital way of working could help to drive efficiency and ultimately boost the company’s bottom line.”

So what do you think? Do you feel technology helps improve your productivity? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: smallbusiness.co.uk