Tool theft. It’s a massive thing in the construction industry right now with thousands of people across the country impacted by it. But, what can you do to stop it? Well, one Leamington based carpenter was recently attacked when he tried to stop thieves stealing his livelihood.

The incident occurred when carpenter Ian Gasgoigne tried to stop thieves from stealing tools out of his van. It was whilst he was working on a site in Corley, near Coventry, when he realised three men were taking tools out of his van. Taking the thieves by surprise, he snatched the keys out of their nearby getaway car.

Unfortunately, the thieves managed to trip the tradesman as he rushed to get back inside the building, kicking him in the head as he lay helpless on the ground.

One thief even grabbed a knife out of his pocket, cutting Mr Gasgoigne’s leg demanding the keys from him. The group were then able to tear the keys out of his hand before speeding off with his phone and £2,000 worth of tools.

This wasn’t the first time the tradesman was targeted though. Instead, this was the second time Mr Gasgoine had fallen victim to tool theft.

He described to the Leamington Observer, “This is becoming more and more commonplace.”

“I’ve heard of victims in similar experiences having to give up their jobs because they could not afford to replace their livelihood, and in one case I’ve heard a man even took his life.”

He added: “Mentally I’m still in shock but something needs to be done.”

“It’s getting beyond a joke so many trades are getting done over.”

“When you report it to the police you just get given a crime number then that’s it.”

“With all the tool thefts over the country where do they go?”

So what do you think of this? Does more need to be done about tool theft? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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