A mum has recently been left shocked after her boyfriend, who is a trained painter and decorator, revealed he would charge her £285 to decorate her hallway!

Taking to the site mumset, she explained that she asked for his help on his day off as she couldn’t afford the £350 she was quoted a couple of years. Of course, her boyfriend agreed stating he’d do it next Saturday, all she needed to do was get the wallpaper and paste.

However, much to her surprise he then asked: “shall we say £285?”

The mumsnet post asked others: “I was going to give him something but the fact that he is making it like an official job has annoyed me a bit.”

“Would you be a bit taken back?”

The responses she got were quite varied with some people claiming that she should dump her boyfriend of nine months! One person felt quite strongly about it too stating: “I’d ditch him and pay the money to someone else who isn’t a tw*t.”

Another added, “I would at least expect a reduced rate and it is pretty close to the other quote so he hasn’t even given you much of a discount!”

Others though weren’t quite as sympathetic towards the mum’s situation. Instead, one woman stated: “I’ve a friend that’s a plasterer, should he plaster my walls for nothing?”

“My uncle was an accountant, he should do my books and work for free right?”

This isn’t the only debate to take place on mumsnet about the trades though. Just a few months ago, another site user posted about a tradesman using her friend’s toilet. She was outraged and expressed her opinions online. Many on there thought she was out of order though claiming she was “too precious”.

Some comments supported the homeowner though saying how rude and disgusting it was. Some even said she should report him! Take a look at the full report on this here.

But what do you think of this? Should the boyfriend have charged her for the work? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

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