This tradesman attempted to take on the UK’s hottest curry!

The dish, which is made out of crocodile meat, is rated twice as hot as police pepper spray. In fact, it’s so hot, that the chefs at Dilshad have to wear gas masks while they prepare it!

Customers have even travelled from all over the country to try the dish. But, only a handful have managed to finish it! This tradesman wasn’t taking any chances though and kitted himself up in Univar safety gear.

The first bite blew him away as he inhaled more of the fiery curry which measures over five million on the Scoville scale! He ploughed on like a groundworker on a job and knock though and managed to finish almost half the dish. He couldn’t go on and finish the full lot though and eventually gave up.

Check out his attempt here:

Created in conjunction with Univar Specialty Consumables, the video went down a storm gaining almost half a million views. There were lots of people in the comments too talking about how their attempts would do in comparison to this guys. But what do you think? Could you handle it? Let us know!

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