Recently, a plumber from Greenock unfortunately had his van set on fire outside of his very own home. Understandably, this not only left the tradesman out of pocket but also very shaken by the events.

The incident took place at around 3am, whilst plumber Thomas Glancy was asleep in his home. The victim described to the Telegraph: “my neighbour is a taxi driver and he was just getting off his shift when he saw the van on fire.”

“He had a fire extinguisher in his car and he was going to try and put it out, but then he heard an explosion and thought better of it.”

“It turned out that it was a tyre blowing out but I can’t blame him because he thought that I might have some dangerous materials in my van because of my line of work.”

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Mr Glancy believes that his van was torched by serial fire starters that have been acting in the area of Inverclyde. Due to this incident though, Mr Glancy’s work is now suffering. He describes: “I’ve had to knock back jobs so whoever did this has severely affected my livelihood.”

Not only has this caused financial problems, but it has also had an impact on him emotionally. He stated: “It’s a bit unnerving.”

“I didn’t sleep a wink after my van was torched.”

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