Tradesmen are known for working together. I mean, just look at the Band of Builders. They are a group of tradespeople who team up from across the country to help those in need. Incredible work!

However, these tradesmen did decide to work together in a pretty different sense… Formula One style.

Taking part in a race, the van pulls up and the tradesmen get to work on the van. Servicing the driver too, he is also fed a Weetabix drink through the window. Dedicated!

With the work all done quickly, the driver also bellows out the window where he is in the race. With no worries, he’s reassured he’s miles ahead. Unfortunately though, their teamwork was soon put to shame as the driver stalls the van.

Might not be in the lead anymore mate…

Take a look at the footage for yourself here:

Created in conjunction with Jewson, this video was a great commercial piece for the builder’s merchant. Gaining over 500,000 views, it was also a perfect user-generated style piece for them to talk about their merchants in. Put these guys to shame, beat the rush and get down there!

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