Apparently, the generation that has been “raised behind a computer screen”, now struggle with simple, physical tasks such as changing a light bulb. Not only that, but millions of young people in the UK struggle with basic things, such as boiling an egg or ‘bleeding’ a radiator as well.

According to a recent survey by Aviva, 4/10 young people in the UK are also useless when it comes to DIY too. In the past, people would pick up these DIY skills from their parents or at school. However,  now, they rely on the internet to learn any manual skills.

It was found though that the “failures” of young people don’t just stop at DIY, or the inability to put up a shelf. Instead, four in ten also revealed that they had no idea how to change a baby’s nappy!

This lack of knowledge that young people have though has apparently made room for tradesmen and ‘odd job’ men to get paid to help. There is the possibility that they could soon be taking a back seat though too, as an Uber-style DIY service is set to be established. Soon, you’ll be able to have handymen delivered straight to your door!

When asked how young people picked up their DIY skills though, half stated that they developed their skills through trial and error. A rather expensive way of learning a new skill!

So what do you think? Should kids learn more practical skills like this in school? Or should it be left down to the professionals? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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