Everyone dreams of winning the lottery. Splashing the cash on a new car and an expensive holiday, it’s the dream, right?

Well, for tradespeople, this dream may be more realistic than previously thought. According to recent research looking into the common traits between lottery winners, it was found that most winners are actually tradespeople!

Jackpot.com, who completed the study found that when looking at 100 Brits, men have the advantage when it comes to lottery wins. Specifically, they pocket 51% of the winnings. In contrast, though, it was found that women tended to win larger amounts. At about almost £2 million more than the average man.

Looking at the top winning areas in the UK as well, Northampton and Yorkshire were at the top with 11 wins. Falling slightly behind this was Merseyside with 10 wins, South Wales with 8, and Greater Manchester with 7. Apparently, it also helps to play the lottery with a loved one too! In fact, 54% of Brits played as couples.

Jackpot.com also looked into the names of winners too. It found that the most common name for lottery winners was Derek. Following that was Dave and in third place Alex.

Jackpot.com’s chief operating officer stated: “Whether we like it or not, some people are just luckier and it’s probably your mate Dave.”

“Our study of lotto draws us some interesting facts about who is historically most likely to win a million in the UK and it seems that you might want to start thinking about hooking up with a northern tradesman if you want to increase your chances of winning.”

So, are you a northern tradesman called Dave? Let us know if you’ve ever won the lottery in the comments below.

Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

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