How do tradespeople spend their working lives? Well, that’s easy, grafting! But what about all of the other things? Like making a cup of tea and talking to clients? How much time do we actually spend doing all of these things?

Well, recent research has had a look into this and has come up with some stats. And there are some whoppers!

Conducted by the Federation of Master Builders, the study found that over their working lives, the average builder will spend two and a half years driving their van! Not only that, but this number is beat by how much time is spent talking to clients too. In a tradesperson’s average working life, they will spend 2 years and 9 months talking to their clients.

Alongside this, tradespeople would spend 2 years and 6 months at the builder’s merchants, 2 years and 1-month training apprentices and 11 months looking for the right tool. When it comes to non-work related stuff though, it was also found that on average, 1 year and 9 months would be spent eating lunch. And, a whopping 6 months spent on making tea!

The Chief Inspector of the Federation of Master Builders shared his thoughts on this. He described, “This new research dispels the myth that builders spend a big chunk of their time drinking tea.”

“In reality, if builders are downing their tools for any reason, it’s so they can chat to their customers and ensure they have happy clients.”

“Less surprisingly, over the course of their working lives, your average builder will spend two and a half years driving their van and two and a half years shopping for materials at their local builder’s merchants.”

“Of all the activities that might typically fill a builder’s working day, making tea trails at the bottom of the list.”

Excellent communication with clients is just one of the qualities that top class builders in the UK have.”

So what do you think of this? Have they missed anything else out? Are there any other things you regularly do at work? Let us know in the comments below.

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