Recently, here at On The Tools we reported a story on a power tool battery explosion that took place on a commuting train. Within this, we used an image of Bosch equipment to represent that it was the battery of a drill that had malfunctioned and caused the incident.

However, we would like to clarify that at no point did we assert that the Bosch power tools were the ones under question. Instead, we would like to reiterate that this is not the case and Bosch are not at fault. Therefore, we would also like to apologise for any misconception that was caused by the image displayed.

For those of you that didn’t catch the story though:

A train recently had to be fully evacuated after the battery in a tradesman’s drill exploded! The incident took place at ten past seven in the morning, a peak time for commuters. The workman’s drill had overheated which resulted in the battery exploding.

This led to passengers being evacuated off the train and the police being called after reports were made that there was smoke on the train. Multiple people were also injured in the blast though. However, these were only minor injuries and emergency services were able to treat them at the scene.

Police have also stated that the cause of the incident is not under investigation either. They felt that the accident was not suspicious and therefore an investigation does not need to be carried out.

Credit: Twitter/ @AdamGnych

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This is not the first time one of these drill batteries have overheated though. Paul Reeves stated: “I had a Makita drill do the same to me 17 years ago had to drop it from ladder as kept heating up.”

One passenger on the train also claimed there was “panic” and “sheer terror” when the smoke began to appear on the train.

But what do you think? Has something like this ever happened to your tools? Let us know in the comments below.


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