Unique and one of a kind, the On The Tools awards are a place for tradesmen to be recognised by those that matter, the boots on the ground. And, with the On The Tools awards now fast approaching, it is time for you lot to cast your votes!

First up, we have ‘Electrician of the Year’! And, like last year, this is a tough category. Sponsored by power tool brand Milwaukee, there are two strong contenders up for the award. However, someone has got to win so it’s up to you lot to decide on a winner.

First on the shortlist is Joshua Lang.

Passionate about completing charity work, Joshua was incredibly grateful when he found out that he had been nominated for an On The Tools award. He described: “I would be very honoured and proud to win the electrician of the year award.”

Completing charity work for disabled children and adults, it’s clear to see why Joshua is up for an award. But, he emphasised that recognition is not the reason he does all this charity work. Joshua explained: “I don’t do my charitable work for the reason of recognition.”

“It’s just something I am very passionate about and that holds a place in my heart because of the situation I was placed in myself in the past from a serious back injury.”

“I do it for them involved.”

“To better the quality of their lives.”

He added: “I have never won an award in my life but hopefully this will be the start of many.”

So what do you think? A strong contender for the ‘Electrician of the Year’ award?

Well, he’s battling against another first class contender, Theo Webster!

After starting his own business just over a year ago, Theo has encountered some tough times. Specifically, due to his ever increasing workload, it’s been hard for this electrician to find the time to spend with his family.

Therefore, Theo explained that winning this award would not only mean so much to himself, but also to his wife and daughter too. He stated: “To be able to go home with the award would be great.”

“To show my wife and daughter that all the hard work and long hours are not for nothing!”

So what do you think? Who should win the ‘Electrician of the Year’ award? Cast your votes here.

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