The On The Tools awards is a night full of celebration and reward for those working in the industry. From the trades to the brands, you lot get to decide who is the very best in the industry.

However, alongside this, we also like to recognise those in the industry that go that extra mile. Going above and beyond, these are the people who deserve some special recognition. Therefore, at the On The Tools awards, we also have the ‘Special Recognition Award’ too, this year sponsored by our friends at Real Deals for You.

First up, we have roofer Chris Norfolk.

A Band of Builders member who goes above and beyond every time. Chris was hands-on with a recent charity project in Wales. Project leading phase one, he has been described by Band of Builders founder Addam Smith as a gentleman and master of his trade. Not only that, but he also travelled all the way from Kent to help with the project!

He added: “I have been a self employed roofer for 21 years.”

“I have a high standard of work and demonstrate this in my excellent work.”

“I have a strong work ethic and this is reflected in my customer satisfaction.”

“In my time as a roofer I cover all aspects of roofing and always keep up to date with new methods.”

“I enjoy mastering new skills and techniques.”

“As they say you’re never to old to learn.”

Joining Chris on the shortlist is also electrician Joshua Lang.

After winning ‘Electrician of the Year’ in 2017, Josh has changed his outlook on his working life. Doing lots of work for disabled children and adults, he always puts others first. Not only that but by holding the title, Josh has been able to show what you can achieve if you put the work in.

Going through a variety of different struggles in life, including an accident back in 2013 that left him wheelchair bound, Josh has never given up. Instead, he put the work in, learning to walk again, determined to continue his work for others.

Josh described himself as a: “Trained electrician with the ability to use a sweeping brush, (and do).”

“I also curl my cables up into back boxes for the plasterers on site haha.”

He added, “I take part in a lot of charity work for disabled children and adults and I am very grateful for the recognition for this.”

“I do it for those involved to better the quality of their lives.”

“I am grateful to my nominee for the opportunity they have given to me and would like to thank all involved at On The Tools, Don’t Panic Projects, the public visiting the voting page and to all my fellow BOBs (Band of Builders).”

Also on the shortlist is another great tradesman, project manager Darren Fagg.

Darren has been described as easily one of the most top lads you’ll ever meet in your life. Starting out as a general foreman, he worked his way up through the ranks to one of the most senior Project Managers.

Working tirelessly, Darren has made massive feats in companywide communication mentorships and charitable work. Darren also regularly goes over and above the call of duty too.

Whether this is with his charity work or championing company-wide and industry-wide issues. Working with local schools, charities and internal groups he helps to try and raise the profile of the construction industry and make a real difference to the community.

He’s also attended many careers fairs at local schools and has made a massive difference to local charities as well. He’s also been involved in renovating the local homeless centre and making visits to local children’s hospices too.

Although one charity which is very close to home for Darren is Hypo Hounds.

This is an owner based programme to help dog owners with Type 1 Diabetes. Running the hottest London Marathon to date to raise money, Darren described: “My legs will ache for a few days but what these children go through every day lasts a lifetime.”

“If I can help one child then I am happy.”

Along with his outstanding commitment to charitable causes, he is also described as an outstanding leader.

Darren added: “To be nominated and achieve being shortlisted for the Special Recognition Category award is very special as I have never set out to be recognised for anything which I have undertaken.”

“And, have merely undertaken things as I believe in being a team player while helping those that are less fortunate than others, like why I ran the London Marathon in 2018 for a Diabetic Charity ‘Hypo Hounds’.”

So what do you think? Who should win the award? Have your say and vote for your ‘Electrician of the Year’ here.

Want to have your say in some of our other awards? Then check out the other shortlists here. Happy voting!

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