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DeWALT DCE089D1G Green Cross Line Laser – Coming soon to TOOLSTOP


Product Description

Model Number: DCE089D1G

Introducing the Dewalt Lithium-ion XR 360 Degree Green Cross Line Laser the DCE089-D1G

Its a 3 way self levelling cross line laser with an ultra bright green laser. With the ability to project on floors, ceilings, front walls and to the side, the DCR089 covers plenty of space. – Projects lines in the Horizontal, Vertical and Sides)

Building on the overwhelming success of the Dewalt DW089K this is one of the first offering of a cross line laser from Dewalt which ultalizes their extremely popular 10.8v Li-ion batteries. With the same accurate robust and simple to use design of the 089K the DCE089NR gives the user a fast, accurate and portable solution for short to mid range interior or exterior, horizontal & vertical layout applications.

Equipped with a self levelling range of up to +/- 3mm with automatic out of level indication up to 10m, and accurate up to +/- 0.3mm/m in levelling applications, the improved brighter laser beam giving more definition.

The general working range of this model is about 35m to the human eye (depending on light conditions). This can be increased when in pulse mode and used along side the DE0892 detector (available seperately) to around 50m.

This model does have a pendulum lock so none of the internals get damaged during transportation. Its also water and dust resistant rated IP65.

It comes with a magentic wall bracket

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