Where have all the Brickies gone?

A report released last week has highlighted a severe shortage of skilled bricklayers in the UK. In an effort to fill the skills void, construction firms are turning to Portuguese brickies and paying them £1,000 per week.

Manpower, the employment group who commissioned the study went on to say that some large London-based construction companies are even having to withdraw from the bidding process for new contracts due to a lack of suitably skilled workers.

Manpower Managing Director Mark Cahill went on to say that he understands that firms who normally pay UK bricklayers £500 per week are having to double this to take on skilled workers from Portugal.

The situation is only expected to worsen as the resurgence in house building in the UK continues with around 230,000 new homes receiving planning permission in the last year.

A survey of over 2,000 employers by Manpower suggested that larger companies are set to lead a job creation ‘charge’ in 2005 in an effort to plug the skills gap.

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