poppy smart

A Worcester woman got so fed up with being ‘wolf whistled’ by builders on her way to work everyday that she reported them to the Police for ‘sexual harassment’.

23 year old Poppy Smart, had initially tried to ignore the daily whistles and accompanying sexist comments as she passed the same building site every morning. However, after a month of the daily ritual she’d had enough and called the police.

Miss Smart, who recorded the constant whistling using her smartphone’s video function, also contacted one of the construction companies working at the site to complain of sexual harassment.

She compared the wolf-whistling to racial discrimination and said it made her walk to work in Worcester city centre an ‘awful experience’.

One of the workers even approached her on the pavement, blocking her way, before saying ‘Morning love’ after she had ignored a cacophony of whistling, Miss Smart said.

‘The whistling went on for a month. I eventually contacted the building company and the police on the same day when it got so bad. I even considered changing my route to work but thought, ‘Why should I do that?’

West Mercia police confirmed they had followed up Miss Smart’s complaint as a possible incident of anti-social behaviour but had not taken further action.

A spokesman said: ‘After consultation with the woman who reported the behaviour it was decided that the employers would deal with those said to be responsible.’

Is the ‘wolf whistle’ acceptable on the modern building site? Please let us know your thoughts below…