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Who Needs Brickies When You Can Print Houses!

World’s largest 3D printer can print entire houses out of clay…

Claimed by its makers to be the world’s largest 3D printer, ‘BigDelta’ can print

entire clay huts in one session.

The 12m high machine has been created by a group known as the World’s

Advanced Saving Project (WASP).

big delta

The collective hopes that the massive 3D printer will provide a sustainable

system of low-cost housing production in future, in response to housing

shortages in developing areas.

Inspired by traditional clay huts, the houses can be printed from mud, clay,

water and natural fibres so that they’re cheap to construct as well as being

ecologically sound.

According to the designers, the lo-fi houses are extremely durable, needing

only a replacement outer layer to be applied every few years.

The large-scale printer is relatively lightweight so that it’s easy to transport

and construct, say it makers.

As with most 3D printers, the material is deposited in layers from the ground

upwards, via a nozzle.

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