“My name’s Mary and I’m addicted to smelling my husband.”

Mary is the housewife of Alan, a 35-year-old plumber from Stoke. And, she’s addicted to smelling him. She doesn’t know why she does it, but she likes the way it feels inside her nose and at the back of her throat.

In the morning, the first thing she’ll do is roll over, sit up and smell him. Then, she’ll get up and smell him again before he gets into the shower. After he’s clean, she’ll get a good sniff of him once again, to cleanse her palette. But, overall, she prefers his smell when he comes home late in the evening. In fact, she won’t let him take off his work gear when he first gets home because she likes him to stew in the smell for a while.

She’ll also carry around something that Alan has worn in the past too. Like boxers or socks, it’s like a comfort blanket for her. She even wakes up throughout the night to purposely smell Alan as well.

Mary has been with Alan for the past eight years and her obsession first began when he came home after unblocking a toilet and he hadn’t washed his hands. She was immediately attracted to the smell. And, after that, she was hooked.

Personally, Mary feels her addiction improves her relationship with Alan. But what do you think? Check it out:

Another On The Tools mockumentary, this one went down a storm with our audience and gained over three million views. With over twenty-seven thousand comments as well, people were debating the addiction in the comments. But what do you think? Let us know!

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