Recently, a window fitter has been jailed for two years after falling asleep at the wheel. He ended up crashing into two cars and hospitalising a blind woman.

The night before, Lee Greenless had been out drinking until 4am. Therefore, he decided to wait until the afternoon before driving. However, he ended up falling asleep at the wheel,drifting over to the other side of the road and crashing into two oncoming cars.

This unfortunately left three people injured. One of which, was blind. She ended up having to be operated on and spent eight days in hospital. She suffered from fractured ribs, a fractured chest bone, a bleed in her lung and regular panic attacks whilst in hospital.

Her husband was also in the crash too and suffered from fractured neck and cheek bones. Due to this though, his wife had to stay in a care home as her husband was unable to look after her due to his injuries.

The final victim in the incident also ended up having to be cut from her car. Luckily though, her injuries were less severe with pains in her stomach, neck and back and a cut to her arm.

Prosecutors described: “it was plain that, prior to the collision, his driving was of concern. He was seen by a witness driving on the kerb, and when he reached the bend, instead of turning into the corner, he drove straight on into the wrong side of the carriageway.”

The window fitter was eventually jailed though for two years and disqualified from driving for five.

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