If every van looked like this, then the likelihood is that a lot of us wouldn’t get much work done. Instead, we’d be having a great time playing on the X Box or singing karaoke.

Unfortunately though, most vans don’t look like this and instead, they are full of materials, tools and food wrappers. In just three weeks though, TechTruck were able to take a run of the mill, everyday van and turn it into something rather different!

The van is fully air conditioned and loaded with gadgets and games. With four 42″ screens, four X Box’s, a karaoke machine and a fully loaded surround sound system, it would most definitely be hard to get any work done.

Techtruck - karaoke

Inside the Techtruck there are a variety of games to play and karaoke to sing…

Transformed by Paul Jones and his partner Kate, Paul was a mechanic by trade. And, he wanted to create something special for his sons’ birthday parties. His kids were at the age where they were too old for jelly and ice cream, but not quite old enough to go down the pub.

But, one thing that he knew that both of his sons loved though was X Box.

So the TechTruck was born!

Paul knew that if his kids liked it, then there was a strong chance that other kids, (and many adults too), would probably love it as well. So, they decided to turn it into a business.

Now, they predominantly work kids parties. However, if the day is going a bit slow, the TechTruck could even turn up on site for you. Although, I don’t think your boss would be too happy about that!

Take a look at the TechTruck here. You never know when you might need cheering up on site!

So what do you think of this? Would you get any work done? Let us know in the comments below.

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