We love a good food challenge here at On The Tools. But, unfortunately, our tradesmen to be beaten by the food. But not this time! This construction worker smashed the hottest whole 3KG chicken challenge.

Covered in the world’s hottest sauce, Rub Smokehouse teamed up with Nashville hot chicken, a huge player in the LA food truck game, to create this beast. Bringing the USA’s hottest chicken to the UK, this huge 3kg poultry was split into four pieces and covered in ‘killer’ hot sauce.

So, we sent our bravest tradesman to take on the challenge. And after the first bite, his head went sideways! Struggling to handle the spicy sauce, he went for the milk straight away. Not only did he have to cope with the heat but also the sheer amount of food as well!

The spice even began to burn his insides halfway through. But, with a belly of steal, he soldiered on. Smashing the challenge, he was the first person to ever complete an On The Tools food challenge! Now that is the taste of victory!

But what do you think? Could you handle the heat? Check out our tradesman in action here:

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