One construction worker was recently working in an excavator when it suddenly slipped and fell into a dam. This left him trapped beneath the vehicle with only his eyes and nose above the water.

The 45-year-old worker, Daniel Miller, was in a very compromising position. Firefighters claimed that if it had rained whilst he was trapped, then there was the possibility that he could have drowned. He was trapped for five hours though before the help from the fire brigade finally arrived.

Before they could rescue the worker though, firefighters first had to pump the water from the dam. Then, they were able to free him from the mud. Luckily, the Australian worker only suffered minor back injuries and hypothermia. Miller claimed he was “determined to make it.”

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His wife described: “it was sheer mental strength and determination to survive that got him through. As well as being fit, strong and healthy. Nothing to do with luck.”

“Legendary effort from a legendary man.”

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