Apparently, 3 in 5 construction workers don’t have employment contracts with their employers. Alongside this, a further 20% admitted that they were unsure as to whether they actually had a contract or not!

This is according to a poll of more than 1,000 people, conducted by The poll focused on annual leave too and found that 82% of workers do not receive any sick pay from their employer. Alongside this, a further 86% also admitted that they don’t receive any paid annual leave either.

When asked if workers were on a zero hour contract though, only 16% thought they were. Instead, around three quarters of workers felt they had no contract at all and simply turned up for work.

The CEO of stated: “our survey reveals that zero-hour contracts are customary in the construction industry.”

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“The majority of those we polled told us that they did not receive any sick pay or paid annual leave – which I think is a worrying statistic as many of our tradespeople are out in all weathers keeping the UK economy ticking over.”

“Working in the trades without any form of written contract has been the way the industry has worked for years, but as this study has shown – maybe it is time for change.”

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