Recently, a two-year-old child fell, trapping herself down a 20ft pit. Struggling to breathe, the little girl was unable to get out.

The incident took place at a Chinese construction site. The toddler had been playing on the site when she suddenly fell down a seepage pit. The construction workers on site soon sprang to action though, grabbing their shovels and digging at the structure.

Firefighters also joined the scene to help free the young girl and earth-moving equipment was used to try and aid in the rescue. Eventually, after digging a 6-metre trench around the pipe, the top was exposed and able to be sawn off.

A worker was then able to reach down and grab the trapped girl, lifting her to safety.

Take a look at the footage here:

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Source: www.mirror.co.uk

Feature Image/Video Credit: People’s Daily, China

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