It’s World Cup season and pretty much none of us expected us to get this far. And now, we’ve got to figure out how we’re going to get home in time for the games. Well, on this site, a couple of workers had a pretty genius way of sneaking off.

The video begins with what seems like your average day on site. That is until the two large boxes sprout legs and begin to move. According to the cameraman, these guys have hidden in the boxes so they can sneak themselves off to the pub.

Shuffling along the floor, the boxes freeze and return to their positions to stop their manager from catching them. Walking past without a clue though, the lads have done it and can continue on their journey. Rushing towards the exit, they make a run for it while their manager is never the wiser.

Instead, he calls for the cameraman and those with him to get back to work instead!

Check out the video for yourself here:

Created with Direct Line For Business, this video was enjoyed by millions racking up 1,007,902 views. Shared by almost ten thousand people as well, people were loving this nifty idea. Who’s gonna try this next time they want to sneak off to the pub for an early finish?

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