The barcoding of construction workers has recently been introduced in a bid to save companies time and money and to ensure construction projects stay on schedule.

The first round of bar codes was delivered to workers on site in Washington. This was with the purpose of being able to track where workers were whilst on site. Data and analytics company Eyrus developed this barcoding system. Alongside this, they also developed an app which provides construction bosses with information about who is present, or not present on site.

People aren’t too happy about this though claiming that it is an invasion of privacy. One Washington resident stated: “I wouldn’t want to be barcoded if that were me.”

“I would like my employers to have trust that I’m going to do my job and be where I need to be and not have to track me with a barcode.”

However, the company director stated that the purpose of this barcode was not to track a workers movement. Instead, the aim is to connect subcontractors and contractors with the “big picture.”

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Construction sites see many different workers arrive and leave jobs. A variety of different trades also step foot on site. Therefore, it is hard to keep track of who is there and who isn’t. Therefore, the founder of Eyrus, Patrick Thomas, developed the idea that these workers could be tracked using barcodes on their hard hats.

He described: “now we know who is here, how long they are here, what trades are here, when they are here, what consistency they are here, we are able to look at that data in real-time.”

Currently, this system is limited to a handful of construction jobs within the Washington area. However, Eyrus hope to soon expand further, pitching that their system not only improves efficiency, but also safety costs.

But how would you feel about this? Would you feel that being barcoded was an invasion of your privacy? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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