Today is World Cancer Day. A day, where people come together to unite against this awful, devastating disease. And recently, we have come across some stories of those in the trade who really need some support this World Cancer Day.

First up, we have builder Stephen Molyneux and his daughter Edie. Their world was rocked last year when at just three years old, Edie was diagnosed with cancer. Initially, she suffered from headaches, which, over time, got progressively worse. Left clutching her head in agony, she was unable to describe the pain she was feeling. Therefore, she was sent for an MRI scan to rule out any serious issues.

However, for Edie’s parents, they instead got devastating news: their daughter had a brain tumour. After further scans, doctors diagnosed Edie with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a rare tumour that tends to only occur in children. Due to the central location of the tumour though, operating was out of the question for the young girl. And, here in the UK, chemotherapy was also not an option due to the levels needed for treatment. In fact, the levels of chemotherapy needed would end up poisoning the rest of Edie’s body. And, whilst radiotherapy would relieve the symptoms, it would do nothing to save young Edie’s life.

With a bleak diagnosis and negative outlook on treatment, things were looking hopeless for the young girl. However, luckily, Edith’s parents were offered a glimmer of hope. Her mom, Ashleigh, described: “Although here in the UK our options are limited, there are alternative pathways for Edie abroad.”

“At The Instituto de Oncología Intervencionista or “IDOI” in Monterrey, Mexico.”

“They are leaders in intra-arterial treatment for brain tumours and are recognized for DIPG treatment.”

“They use a multi-pronged attack, namely intra-arterial chemotherapy and immunotherapy.”

“Nowhere else in the world is using this treatment and nowhere else in the world are having the results that they are.”

“We have recently learned that a second child in as many months has just been given NED status (No Evidence of Disease).”

“These people are literally superheroes, changing people’s fate from a death sentence to life prospects.”

“Making DIPG a previously incurable fatal disease a thing of the past.”

However, to get Edie there, builder Stephen and his wife Ashleigh need to raise £300,000. To cover the cost of her treatment, and the flights to Mexico, the parents are fighting to help their daughter. Currently in Mexico to have her first consultation, the brave girl and her parents, are hoping things all go well.

Can you help Edie and her family out? Head over to their donation page now.

Unfortunately, this isn’t our only story for World Cancer Day. In fact, builder Alwyn Jones and his partner are also currently fighting to save their child’s life too.

Just before Christmas last year, their two-year-old son Jacob was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. A rare form of cancer which occurs in fewer than 100 children in the UK every year. And, recently, the parents received even more bad news with doctors finding that Jacob’s Neuroblastoma was actually at a level three and very high risk.

To combat this deadly disease, young Jacob has begun hospital treatment, undergoing chemotherapy. This aggressive form of treatment is taking its toll on the young boy though, and his parents are quickly becoming aware as to how hard it truly is to treat Neuroblastoma. And, after conducting their research on the disease, Alwyn and his partner are gearing up for a fight to save their precious boy’s life.

Specifically, they are looking at alternative treatments for Jacob, ones that are not available on the NHS. Alwyn described: “Needless to say we are all so sad and scared just thinking about the journey our little Jacob has ahead of him.”

“We know it’s going to be tough, but so is Jacob.”

“Our strong little man has plenty of fight!”

“And we will be at his side all the way.”

If you think that you can help this builder, and his young son out, then please head over to their JustGiving page now.

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