Apparently, reports have stated that by the middle of the century, twenty five million homes won’t meet the necessary insulation standards.

Critics argue that this is because the government has been too slow to implement home renovation projects. Not only would these have created many jobs, but also save people money spent on bills and improve their overall health and happiness. If these homes are not refurbished, the government will also be breaking their emission laws which state that carbon emissions will be decreased by 80% by this point.

According to Green Building Council, twenty five million houses will need refurbishing to meet the necessary standards. Apparently, to meet this, 1.4 homes will need to be refurbished every minute until 2050! So, how is this going to be achieved then?

Well, there is the prospect that new, innovative methods could be used. One of which has been introduced by Q-Bot. This company is able to send a robot underneath household floorboards. The robot is then able to spray them with foam and consequently, insulate them.

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The firm described: “we have to find new ways of doing thing.”

“Normal refurbishment often means literally tearing a home apart.”

“With our robot, we can seal and insulate wooden floors without hardly touching the inside of the house.”

Take a look at the robot in action here:

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