On The Tools has learnt that 493 construction workers have been polled by a
business insurance company about the frustrations of being ogled at by passers-by
whilst they are working.

42% of those surveyed said that being ogled or chatted up on site was one of the
most annoying things about the general public!

The survey by constructaquote.com found……

The top 5 worst habits of the general public to be:

1. Being ‘ogled’ or chatted up by passers-by (42%)
2. Being given unwanted advice on how to do their job (33%)
3. Having work tools, signs or material stolen from a work-site (27%)
4. Being wrongly perceived as a ‘letch’ (25pc)
5. People crossing into restricted zones or moving barriers (13%)

The top 5 worst habits of construction workers, according to the general public

1. Revealing builders bums (24%)
2. Ogling or chatting up passers-by (21%)
3. Dangerous driving habits (14%)
4. Swearing (11%)
5. Playing loud music from vehicles/construction sites (9%)

H/T: Telegraph