According to research, you could be owed up to £2,500!

This is because every year, £180 million goes unclaimed in travel expenses. So, if you drive your own vehicle to and from site every day, then chances are you could make a claim. On average, a four year claim adds up to around £2,500. This is a serious amount of money and could be spent on all different kinds of things.

You have to travel to each workplace for less than two years. However, you can go back four years. Therefore, even if you no longer drive your own car or van to and from work, there is still the possibility you could claim. All you have to do is be on the company books. Simple!

However, like a lot of people in the UK, your time is precious. It could be spent on more important things such as spending time with the kids or the missus after work. No one wants to go back through their mileage. Working in the construction industry means you’re starting early and finishing late. So who really has the time to go back and figure out whether they can make a claim?

Well, luckily, this is where Construction Reclaims can take over! To date, they have been able to claim back £4 million for construction workers across the country. They are experts in their field and consequently, can do all the work for you. By doing this, they can then establish whether you can make a claim, and before you know it, an extra £2,500 could be sitting in the bank.

One happy customer described his experience when claiming. “It was made so easy for myself with the help of Construction Reclaims where if I had any queries whatsoever I could call or write to a guy named Tom I was dealing with on Facebook messenger and the next step would be clearly explained!

“From start to finish it was so simple and I was very happy to receive £970!”

So what do you think? Maybe you could make a claim? Head over to www.constructionreclaims.co.uk/employed-tax-refund/ now to check your eligibility and see if you could make a claim!

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