According to recent research, the British public spends a whopping £34 billion a year calling in professionals to fix their botched attempts at DIY.

Ginger Research found that that on average, adults have messed up at least nine jobs in their homes. And, consequently, have spent around £650 in the past year to get these mistakes fixed.

Of all of the DIY mistakes though, hanging wallpaper was found to be the most common failure for the British public. The results showed that 34% of homeowners struggled with this and had experienced a wallpaper related disaster.

Wallpaper disasters were the most common amongst homeowners!

This was closely followed in second place by putting up shelves which 30% struggled with. And in third place was painting, which 29% just didn’t seem have the knack for.

Alongside this, it was also found that nearly one in five had failed in trying to fix a dripping tap. And nearly a quarter couldn’t unblock a drain! Having to call in a plumber instead, a fifth of homeowners couldn’t bleed a radiator either.

Plenty of plumbing fails for all the plumbers out there…

Despite these DIY fails though, homeowners remain positive in their own ability with 57% stating that they can handle DIY jobs themselves. Seven in ten stated that they wanted to do this in order to save money. Alongside this, 39% also revealed that they carried out DIY tasks because they felt like they ‘should’ be able to do it.

Worryingly though, it was also found that many homeowners attempt jobs themselves due to the fear of being ripped off. 41% stated that they had no idea where to find a reliable tradesman! And one in ten felt it was hard to find a tradesperson they could trust.

Despite this lack of trust though, it was surprising to find that almost half of homeowners don’t even check a tradesperson’s qualifications!

The Director of Local Heroes, who delivered these results stated: “You can get a great sense of achievement from completing your own DIY job but, as the survey shows, you have to be realistic about your capability.”

“Calling on a fully qualified and insured tradesperson can save you time, hassle and money in the long run.”

Take a look at some of the top DIY fails here.

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