It is predicted that thirty five thousand jobs will be created every year for the next five years. However, this is ultimately dependant upon several large infrastructure projects.

At the minute, 2.6 million people are working within the construction industry. But, within the next five years, there is the prediction that a further 179,000 will be working within the sector. First though, massive projects such as HS2 need to be started.

However, projects such as HS2 have faced a significant amount of backlash regarding the environment. Not only that, but there has also been protest against political and costal factors. The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) have touched on this project. They stated, “it’s vital that we don’t throw away this opportunity by allowing these projects to slip.”

Despite 35,000 new jobs looking positive, these figures are apparently less promising in comparison to last year. Twelve months ago, there was the prediction that 46,500 jobs would be created each year instead!

The uncertainty surrounding Britain leaving the EU is also adding additional strain apparently. The CITB believe that the deal that will be established about Brexit will not be beneficial for the industry. This is because export opportunities will be reduced. This will then apparently have a knock on effect on the wider economy and the construction demands from businesses.

Not only that, but immigration control will also apparently have an impact. This is because the construction industry relies heavily upon foreign workers.

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