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Cramming an extra person in the back of the car is probably something we’ve all done. However, it’s safe to say that it’s highly unlikely that any of us have got anything on this van driver though.

One driver from China recently decided to cram not only just a couple of extra people in his van but forty grown adults! The specific vehicle was built for six people, so cramming an extra thirty-four in there resulted in workers stood tightly shoulder to shoulder in the back of the van.

According to the report by People’s Daily, China, before being pulled over, the vehicle was spotted weaving in and out of traffic dangerously. Apparently, the driver was lucky that he didn’t cause multiple crashes! But when police pulled the van over, they got something they weren’t expecting. Forty construction workers began to file out of the back of the van after each other.

These workers were apparently on their way to a job on the other side of the city. And upon further inspection, police found that the driver had removed the back seats of the van to ensure that he could pack as many workers in the back as possible.

However, the sheer number of workers in the back of the van resulted in driving becoming rather difficult for the man behind the wheel. According to the driver though, this kind of thing is apparently very common at the Chinese site. However, this explanation didn’t spare him, as the vehicle was then towed and the driver was given a ticket.

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Source: www.autoblog.com
Feature Image/Video Credit: People’s Daily, China

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