Seventy four people have died following an accident which took place yesterday at a cooling tower construction site. As of yet only two workers have been rescued alive and a third is still missing in the rubble. 32 fire trucks and 212 soldiers were deployed in an attempt at a rescue mission. Despite this though, the death toll is still rising.

The accident took place in the Jiangxi province of China. Here, safety standards are carelessly relaxed which has resulted in a series of tragic accidents over the years. The country has begun to follow a gruesome pattern of tragedy though. Within the first half of the year alone, 14,000 Chinese workers have died in mines, factories and on construction sites!

According to BBC news, as China grows richer they are cutting corners which is holding back businesses. They feel that the problem is partially due to aggressive competition and partially due to corruption. The lack of strong unions to fight for worker protection also doesn’t help this issue.

Last year, China’s president promised though that they had learnt their lesson regarding careless health and safety measures. This was following a chemical blast that killed 170 people. Despite this though, the accidents keep happening.

However, the government have stated that whoever is responsible for this tragic accident, will be held accountable. Consequently, they have employed a senior official to supervise the investigation.

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